Event Sound Systems

Event Sound Systems for the Benefit of your Guests or Audience

Audio amplification and sound quality is, surprisingly, one of the most frequently overlooked aspects of event planning. But there’s no question that truly professional quality in your sound engineering and recording will make all the difference during your event and, if recorded, afterwards when the end product is replayed.

Whether you’re planning a violin recital or a board meeting or conference, you’re likely among the number of people who come to us after a less than acceptable sound system at some point in the past. With professional sound reinforcement systems that can include microphones, P.A. and stage speakers as well as state of the art recording equipment, we can enhance, clarify and optimize the audio quality of any event.

For later beautiful reproduction or for a long-term archival record, there’s simply no short-cut to a truly professional audio recording. In tandem with our video recorders, we can even produce a professional quality multi-media presentation. Our sound team arrives early, for set up and a sound check, and you’re delivered a professional recording no matter the scale or complexity of the audio arrangement required, and professional sound engineers monitor every nuance of the recording as it’s happening.

Available equipment includes:

  • JBL Speaker Enclosures
  • Sure Professional Microphones
  • Peavey Added Speaker Cabinets
  • Yamaha Mixing Consoles
  • Crown & Craftsmen Power Amplifiers
  • JBL & Peavey Monitors for the Stage
  • All Signal Processing & Equalizers

Professional sound amplification at your large or small events

We have set up systems for rock concerts, church choirs and even complex town hall meetings with remote participants, audience questions, and telephone calls. Don’t leave your audio quality to chance.

One of our engineers will partner with your event planner to capture and professionally amplify and record the most important parts of your event while reducing background noise and minimizing intrusive equipment confusion. We can later remix the audio with a video recording, or deliver professional quality Audio CDs or files in a number of digital formats perfect for instant replay and perfect for the posterity of the event, performers or speakers you’re hoping to record.

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