Life Story & Testimonial Videos

Video Production for the Most Important Stories of Your Life

Remember all the stories from your favorite uncle, a fellow parishioner or just the best story-teller in your family? You know these stories are more valuable than anything you’ll get from television, but they won’t be available forever.

Video Biographies and Testimonials capture the stories most important to your family or organization and make them available forever. In formats that are reproducible, shareable, and that get the message out to generations to come, there’s simply no better time or place to capture them.

Gifts to Treasure and to Share

We’ll construct your story based on interviews, selective non-intrusive video-recording and even old photographs and we’ll go the extra mile to put you in the director’s chair. The entire process can take less than a week and be available for DVD gifts, table settings or banquet awards that everyone will remember.

A 10 to 30 minute video can include the most invaluable wisdom from an older generation, convincing testimony or a keepsake that will make your entire family, community or congregation proud. Videos of any length can be produced from archival film footage, still photographs and new footage. It’s never been so easy to re-edit and creatively re-present the stories that matter most to you.

Church Parishioners and Congregants

Testimonies of Faith make a lasting impression and a memorable addition to your church archive or library and they allow even the biggest congregations to hold on to the wisdom and the experience of older parishioners.

Imagine sharing all of that with a younger generation who need a reason to keep coming back.

An original video presentation makes an affordable, versatile and a truly invaluable addition to any organization’s record, and we’ll be happy to integrate your production with the rest of your organization’s outreach.

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