Portrait Photography

Facing Success with a Smile

Somehow your headshot keeps showing up in more and more places on the internet, in print and in places you never dreamed of even a few years ago. A portrait, today, is fantastic way to humanize all of the communications you may be doing on the Internet, and for all the reasons you or your loved ones have been photographed in the past, it’s still an unbeatable expressive medium.

Whether you need a new avatar or a family portrait to be proud of, there are a hundred good reasons to contract a professional photographer. One big reason is that easy digital photography means you’re competing literally with hundreds, maybe thousands, of amateurs. A fresh appearance can give you just the advantage you need.

The most frequently requested services for our studio photographer include all of the following:

  • Professional & Corporate Headshots
  • Actors, Musicians & Models Portfolio Shots
  • Family Portraits
  • Senior Portraits
  • Christmas Cards
  • Student Yearbook & Graduation Photos
  • Engaged Couples & Wedding Announcements

But we’re always happy to discuss the particular needs of anyone stepping out into the world.


Of course, we can offer plenty of advice on clothing and make-up and on a package of deliverable formats that allow you to share your new images with your family, your clients or your potential new boss. In every case, we’ll find a way to put faces as confident and happy as you are, just where you want them.

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