Wedding Video Services

Restoring Memory to Living, Breathing Color

No one sees more amateur video than we do. If your wedding video was recorded by amateurs, there’s a good chance that much of it is either unwatchable or otherwise unintelligible. Excess footage makes re-watching it a chore rather than a pleasure and the entire package is often far too long to easily watch and enjoy.

No matter the quality of the video that ultimately resulted from your last recording, a quick professional edit will re-package the entire event and bring it light years ahead.

Professional video editing, re-editing and re-mixing of old or amateur video will reconstruct any wedding, anniversary or just about any event and re-present it in a professional format that makes a stunning gift and even a welcome addition to an evening of family movies. We can do the same for any type of recording, including children’s parties or family reunions.

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Add Still Photos, Music and Voice-Overs

With some still photos, music and voice-overs we’re in the business of restoring memories to just what you were hoping for. Professional video editing services have rescued film and still photos from the dust bin, and remixed them with event or anniversary footage and even represented entire family or organization histories.

The result is a professional television quality film that bears multiple viewings and that always make stunning gifts and keepsakes.

We’ll be happy to consult with anyone restoring or remixing video and any number of older formats to a quality and vision that does justice to your vision of the past. It’s more affordable than ever, and the results offer a lifetime of telling and retelling.

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