Video Transfer and Duplication

Today’s Digital Formats promise a future far more versatile and long lasting than yesterday’s film and magnetic tapes.

We all grew up with memories recorded in formats that our own children can scarcely believe. Availability and accessibility of printed photography, audio recordings and even VHS tapes seem shockingly limited to any one under 20 years old, that is, to any one too young to remember film photography.

Yet all of these older formats can be quickly and affordably transferred to digital formats that are not only easily accessible but which can be permanently digitally archived just as can all of your digital memories.

With no more losing memories, imagine the gifts and keepsakes that you can present. Remember, just about all of your film photos, negatives, audio and video recordings are still susceptible to being lost forever in the event of disaster or loss. Digital formats can be stored permanently, safely and securely, and they always surprise your family and friends.

Audio and Video Transfer and Duplication Services

We use advanced methods to quickly restore, transfer and duplicate images, recordings and films in all of the following formats.


  • Audio Cassette Tapes Transferred to CD or MP3 Format Disk
  • Audio ¼ Inch Reel to Reel Tape Transferred to Audio CD
  • Audio CD Duplication, any volume
  • Transfer Audio from VHS Video Tape to CD


  • VHS & SVHS tape transferred to DVD or MP4
  • HI-8 Video Tapes transferred to DVD

Don´t lose another memory.

We can assist families, estates and organizations with permanent digital archiving techniques that are affordable, and invaluable. We’ll add your favorite music, and work with advanced digital editing techniques to re-present your old photo albums or almost any pre-digital media in a striking, new media presentation, or a simple digital slideshow that’s easy to present and enjoy over and over again.

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